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Follow These Step-By-Step Instructions To Stop Collectors Cold!

Stop Unscrupulous Debt Collectors

If you feel that you are being hounded by Debt Collectors, there are steps that you can take......

Respond To Creditor Collector Demands

Certain notices must be responded to or you give up some of your legal rights and ....

Stop Harassing Phone Calls Now

You do not have to take ANY abuse from Debt Collectors over the phone. Stop unwanted calls...


The Collections Shield™ from Shielded Circle, Inc. is the only program you need to have a fighting chance against the debt collection machine. Once you become a member of the Collections Shield you can:

  • Stop collectors phone calls completely within 72 hours—we show you how!

  • Never deal with another demand notice or nasty collections letter again!

  • Block creditors from taking any of your assets—even if they sue you in court and win!

  • Sleep easy knowing your bank account is shielded from seizure by your creditors!

  • Force your creditors to negotiate on your terms and accept ridiculous settlement offers!

HERE’S THE PROOF: Click here to see actual samples of creditors ceasing collections actions and court cases being dismissed against our clients. This is the only program of its kind

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