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Stop Harassing Phone Calls Now

You do not have to take any abuse from debt collectors over the phone—stop unwanted calls now when you join the Collections Shield™.  Debt collectors and creditors calling to collect from you are trying to make a sale, just like any other telemarketer.  Legally, a collection call is considered soliciting.  They are selling you on the benefits of paying them what they say you owe, in exchange for them not continuing to harass you, not making any more claims on your credit history and/or not suing you.  That is the implication anyway, and some will even be so brash as to tell you as much.  Consequently, the callers are monitored for their productivity.  Your goal when dealing with collectors on the phone is to make sure the call to you is “unproductive”.

A call without a “sale” (your verbal commitment to make some sort of payment) is not productive and they might call you again; however, a call without a sale that substantially exceeds the average call time for most calls of this nature will result in your account being placed on the “do not call” list or listed as “uncollectible,” in which case you will no longer receive any calls.  There are specific techniques you can use to get collectors to stop calling you at home or at work.  Or better yet, once you become a member of the Collections Shield™ we will take those nasty collections calls for you and you will never have to speak to a collector again!

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